Our Story

Where did it all start and why?

The early days
Luke and James originally formed Future of Football with current Houston Dynamo goalkeeper Coach Jason Grubb back in 2011. It all started with sessions for 3 and 4 year olds inspired by Jason’s coaching in the USA. Four years on, Future of Football has taken the form of a weekly skill based programme and still to this day offers the same sessions for toddlers.

FOF evolves
FOF Director James Stapleton’s eldest son had a bad experience of the game in 2004 (during a training session for a local team, he played a match of 15 v 15 and kicked the ball once in 30 minutes). James had to ask himself how on earth would his son ever develop as a player in this environment?

This experience inspired James to create a programme along with Luke where ball rolling time was maximised and every player had a ball at their feet for the majority of each session.

Director Luke Ballinger had always believed that the next generation of England stars would come through a futsal-influenced background, so Futsal was infused into the FOF programme.

FOF now provide players of all abilities skill based sessions. Whether they are new to the game or experienced -they will receive high standards of technical football coaching at an affordable price. James and Luke wanted to create a place where players could come and learn at their own speed, in a fun and engaging environment. From here they created a set of key beliefs and strong values that underpinned their unique and innovative curriculum that would be delivered through forward thinking methods. They promised every player to have their own ball for the majority of the session and that they would never play more than 4v4, the Future of Football was born.

Our values…

Why we do what we do

We want to create a mind-set where every player coached at FOF feels like they are part of something special and it is more than just football. Everything we do is underpinned by our strong values as we focus on the holistic development of each player. Our sessions improve technique, are challenging physically, and develop psychological and social skills. Our approach places emphasis on individual growth, as people and as young players.

Our Core Values

• Create a learning environment that supports each individual player in reaching his or her full potential.

• Encourage creativity and inventiveness.

• Make learning enjoyable.

• Give players freedom to make decisions and express themselves.

Player Values

• Ownership – take responsibility of your development, learn from mistakes.

• Growth mind-set & desire to learn
– Embrace challenges
– Persist in face of setbacks
– View high effort as a path to improvement
– Listen to feedback and use it to develop
– Find lesson & inspiration from others

• Humility – Stay humble. Do not compare yourself to others. Focus on how good you can become.

• Compassion – respect and care for other people. Play the right way.

Staff Values

We are a team
One team unified by a clear common purpose.

We are an open book
We are eager to teach and share existing knowledge and new ideas.

We evolve fast
We take risks and think outside the box. We constantly look for new methods and ideas to develop our practice.

We do everything with industriousness and enthusiasm
“Success travels in the company of very hard work. There is no trick, no easy way” “Your energy and enjoyment, drive and dedication will stimulate and greatly inspire others.” (John Wooden)